Engineering Services
Software or Hardware, we consult, design, build, test and Real-Time.

We supply Engineering talent and Project Management personnel to augment your in-house capabilities. Think of us as a part of your Matrix organization.

Most Requested Engineering Services
  • Custom Software Design
  • Custom Hardware Design
  • Project Management
  • Technical Support
  • Research & Development
  • Marketing & Trade Show support
  • Applications Engineering & Development
  • Video Conferencing
  • Satellite by Internet
  • Technical Writing

We help our customers discover, plan, design, create fulfill, enhance and manage their technology solutions. With vast experienced and global partnerships with industry leaders, we are able to deliver solutions to our customers by integrating new technology and knowledge-based processes to drive business and add sustainable economic value.

ISO-9000, 9003, 2167A, SEI, CMM Just Name the Model - We can Do It!
Building on a strong base of technology and solutions expertise, strategic partnerships and professional consulting services, outlook247 delivers globally to give your organization the edge in knowledge revolution. The outlook247 approach is unique because we deliver end-to-end solutions within complex, fully integrated multi-vender environments. We take the time to understand the individual business issues of each of our customers to ensure the their information technology strategies position them to maintain leadership in their respective markets. However, it's not just our approach that makes us unique - It is our demonstrated planning, design and execution the win the trust of our customers and keep it in place over time. The relationship of trust combined with the capability to deliver a complete solution regardless of size or complexity makes outlook247 a reliable, one-stop solution provider for your mission critical enterprise needs.
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