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We're Engineers, Programmers, Graphic Artists, Web Designers, Virtual Consultants, Systems Integrators, PHP, ASP, .NET, Linux, MS experts and more!
Premium Internet Registration, Hosting, Design & Maintenance Services
Move from creative concepts to dynamic, high-impact interactive Web sites with the industry's most comprehensive and integrated set of professional, next-generation tools. Outlook247 can provide the expert talent to design your Web site from scratch, or as an addition to your existing Web Development Team.

Domain Registration
Domain name registration refers to the name that users will enter to find your web site. This name is called your Domain Name. When you register your Domain Name, it is stored in a global Internet Directory and points users to where your Web Site is physically located (your hosting company). Outlook247 can register any domain name you need. The relevant information from the order form you submit to us will be forwarded immediately to an accredited registrar to register your domain name. The registrar typically completes the registration process within 24 hours of receipt. The propagation process normally requires 48 hours. top

Hosting Recommendations
Our unmatched expertise enables us to meet a diverse and complex set of hosting requirements. You can select from pre-configured operating system or application server bundles, or we can customize a server or cluster of servers to provide enhanced reliability and performance or to fit your budget. We also provide an extensive line of managed services and software products to increase your hosting options. Integrate these products into your servers to create full-service hosting solutions. top

Web Design Authoring, Site Management & Maintenance
Even though people are spending a record amount of time online, too often the payoff isn't much greater than the effort. There's a real opportunity for clearly organized, consistent and functional sites to reap big rewards from both a user and business perspective. A great website is one that has been specifically planned, designed, tested and promoted to connect the right user with the right message.

Once your site’s design has been finished and is up on the Web, we offer two ways to maintain your site. You can do-it-yourself and edit the text, images, and any products on your site using FrontPage or any other Web Authoring environment you like. Using this option means no added expense or time delays in the future to keep your site’s content up to date. Or if you prefer to leave all aspects of site maintenance to professional Web site developers, Outlook247 offers monthly update services. Purchasing these update services will ensure that your site is only modified by the designers that built it.

The folks at Outlook247 have over 20 years experience authoring, designing and maintaining Web sites for SOHO, Retail and Publishing clients. We excel at low-cost high-value site designs. We'll get you up and surfing quick. top

SEO and Internet Marketing Services

Probably the most overlooked and underutilized function of a good web development company is professional web promotion. If you have the greatest looking web site, the most amazing products and services to sell and no visitors - you need to promote your site. Search engines love pages that are "information rich" and contain useful, original content that will actually make valued reading to the online visitors.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is process or set of techniques applied as part of an overall campaign for a web site in order to increase its relevance and ranking in major search engines. SEO is an implementation of a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) plan. Just as a Corporate Marketing Plan is used to set goals, methods and requirements for a Sales team to execute, an SEM plan is used to define the overall strategy for the SEO team.

The results of SEO are directly proportional to increased sales. Most consumers or web users only look at the first 3 pages of search results. The higher a web site ranks; the closer to the top of the first page that a web site appears; the greater the chance of a visitor clicking and examining your web site or product.

SEO makes the difference between a web site that has very little or poor visibility and one that will be seen and found by millions of people.

The reason many companies outsource various aspects of their business to specialty firms is the same reason to outsource your SEO management. If your core business is manufacturing a Widget, if all your revenues are derived from the sale of Widgets, then focus all your energies on your core business. Never lose sight of your core capabilities. Let the experts at Outlook247 take care of the highly specialized SEO activities. Our sister division, trustwelltechnologies.com will move you into the first quintile, rapidly.

As part of our Web Services, Outlook247 will optimize and register your web site will all the major search engines and directories. We can offer a monthly submission service which, in addition to submissions, includes reports on your site's rankings, page locations and progress. You can easily correlate your increased sales with your site's rankings.

We'll give you the benefit of our experience in choosing the most appropriate keywords and meta tag descriptions to help you rank at the top. We can also show you how paid advertising works, to guarantee your page 1 listing!  top

Creative Graphics Design and Layout
Have you ever been to a website and just had no idea what was going on -- no idea what any of the buttons were for, no idea what your options were, no idea where the information you needed was? Outlook247 will create corporate logos, marketing materials and advertising programs to effectively establish and promote your corporate identity on the Web. Want Flash? Just ask! See some Flash samples...

Streaming Media and Video Conversion Services
Regardless of your product or service, there's nothing quite like the power of video to capture the interest and imagination of your visitors and help get your message across. Streaming video gives you the power to demonstrate, educate, inform, inspire, motivate and even entertain more effectively. Our objective is to enable you to gain these benefits of streaming video by providing you with the highest quality audio and video conversions at the best price. top

Just ask us for a quote.

Typical Outlook247 Web Project Lifecycle Activities:

1. Pre-Start-up Activities

  • Purchase Development Server
  • Purchase S/W for Server
  • "Setup Server, install Software"
  • Plan Project Schedule
  • Deliver Project Schedule
  • Project Kick-off

2. Requirements Analysis
3. Preliminary Design
4. Detailed Design
5. Rapid Prototype (critical functions)

  • Develop functional specifications
  • Develop prototype based on functional specifications
  • Review functional specifications
  • Incorporate feedback into functional specifications

6. Code and Test
7. Integrate & Test
8. Documentation

  • Develop Help specification
  • Develop Help system
  • Review Help documentation
  • Incorporate Help documentation feedback
  • Develop user manuals specifications
  • Develop user manuals
  • Review all user documentation
  • Incorporate user documentation feedback
  • Documentation complete

9. Final Build on Development Server

  • Create Rev 1.0 and place under configuration control

10. Acceptance Test

  • Develop Acceptance Test Plan with customer
  • Perform Acceptance Tests

11. Deploy

  • Determine final deployment strategy
  • Develop deployment methodology
  • Secure deployment resources
  • Transfer to Production Server

12. Customer Acceptance Tests
13. Go Live
14. Maintenance

We're Engineers, Programmers, Graphic Artists, Web Designers, Virtual Consultants, Systems Integrators, PHP, ASP, .NET, Linux, MS experts and more! top

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